This cat

So I'm kind of at a loss with this cat.  It's such a beautiful cat but it's just the meanest bloody thing that probably breathes it's own piss.  It's honestly, the most horrible little creature ever created.  You can't walk past it without it taking a swat at you.  It just makes me angry and then I want to hurt it.  Anyhow, I borrowed a 50mm F1.8 Nikkor lens from a buddy today and took a rather respectable shot of this little critter.


I know...it's so cute but I kind of want to punch it or something...


Seeing a glimpse of heaven in each other

I have to be honest...I haven't thought about my grandparents in a long time. I've spent some time reminiscing about them, their life and the legacy they left the last couple days.

I can honestly say that the earthly person who influenced me the most in my life and he would never know it is my grandpa. You see, he was a man of great love and life, even in his last days. He would welcome anyone with open arms, a warm meal and he'd even probably poke a few jokes to make you feel at home.

This man I call my Grandpa isn't actually related by blood at all. You see, this man married my grandma, adopted my mom, along with my aunts and uncles when they were in high school. My real grandfather I've never met. All I know about him is that he was a cruel and violent man.

I don't know what this says about the thickness of blood but what I do know is that it gives me a glimpse into the power of love. I don't know what Grandpa was like when he was a child and I don't know about his upbringing, but I do know that his love for my family is transforming the brokenness and pain which resides in it...even after his death.

Thank God that we are not in this alone. Thank God that we can learn about "on earth, like it is in heaven." Thank God that whether we know him or not, he knows us and works through us in ways that I could never understand...leaving me at the foot of the cross saying "more."



Old Photos of Love

In the summer I went camping with a bunch of friends for Steve's bachelor party.  Lots of pictures were taken that weekend but one stood out among the rest.  It reminded me of my grandparents.  They didn't just love each other but they were in love with each other.  Sometimes that was expressed with hugs, sometimes with cuddling and sometimes with things that shouldn't be pinched in public...lets just let it rest at that.  There is a lesson to be learned from them and it's so beautiful that it pierces through all our stereotypes of how marriage is.boats

Love you guys and miss you lots.

Walk with me on this one...

So I'm thinking of an idea for a site.  I want to experience God through art, story & community.  I want to see visually, how God is speaking to people today and everyday and how that is expressed.  My canvas is photography but God canvas can be anything.  Lets see what happens.


Fort Langley

So the purpose of this weblog is to journey with God through photography. Should be interesting to see where it goes. Today I went to Fort Langley with my friend Alissa to take some photos. We took tons of the buildings and of the river but nothing stood out like these little lawn ornaments.

DSC_0039 What song do you think this guy is playing? Would you like to sing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar?

I know what this guy is thinking....WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

There are so many great songs from the past that evoke great feelings or memories inside me but I've misplaced them in the clutter that is life. Time to do some house cleaning I think.